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I’m Rhodaline Escala-Phelps and I’m a web design and SEO expert based in Minneapolis, but proudly serving clients worldwide. When I’m not working, I love reading, going outdoors, planning a beach trip, and spending time with my husband 🙂

 I enjoy helping businesses  create a website that not just reflects their brand, but is also optimized for conversion, ranking, and seamless user experience across platforms.

My business was hatched because I started noticing more and more websites that look attractive, but are not designed for conversions and SEO. I hope to close that gap so entrepreneurs won’t just have a fabulous website, but one that functions well, too. 

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Why work with me?

I’m proud of my work ethic and the care I give to the businesses I work with. I’m not just after beautiful aesthetics, but I’ll make sure your website’s  ultimately optimized for conversions, ranking and seamless user experience.

I can tell you all about my experience and skills, but what you need to know is I will not just be another service-provider on your list. Don’t take my word for it, though! You can read about what the people I worked with say about me so you can get a feel of my work ethic. 

“She is resilient – never lets anything and anyone get her down. She is organized – always on time, has a plan. She has a beautiful heart – she doesn’t have a mean bone in her. My experience with her tells me that she has the patience and the heart for the job. Aside from that, she also possesses the intellectual muscle to power her way through challenges and obstacles.”

Dr. Marco Saez

Vice chancellor for academics and Research, DLSU-D

In the one year that she was with Chinese International School Manila, Rhodaline was able to endear not only her students to her, but also her colleagues. This is a testament to the warmth and collaborative openness that she brings with her. Always with a ready mega-watt smile and a genuine greeting for everyone on campus, Rhodaline will be sorely missed at Chinese International School Manila.

Cherry May Tan

Enderun colleges

why i left japan

In addition to her personable nature, Rhoda was a problem-solver – both inside and outside of the classroom. This flexibility helped her to overcome any challenges she faced during her time with us. She is extremely adaptable and would succeed in any foreign country or any company. Furthermore, Rhoda was always diligent and conscientious about performing any administrative duties required of her. These traits, along with many others, helped to quickly endear her to her students and their parents, as well as her co-workers. In addition, due to her leadership qualities, she was promoted to head teacher in December of 2015

Stella Walsh

peppy kids club
hiroshima, japan

I believe Rhodaline’s greatest strengths are displayed in her strong organizational skills and her unquenchable positive attitude. I can say without a doubt that Rhodaline has been the most reliable and well-prepared teacher we have had in recent years. She works diligently to prepare her lessons and can be completely relied upon to fulfill her obligations in a thorough and timely manner. She has been a very positive presence both in our team of English teachers as well as in the classroom. 

Elaine Mudrik

upword english
prague, czech republic

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