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Rhodaline here! I am grateful we get to work together and I appreciate your trust in me take care of your website so it’s in tip-top shape! 

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Website hosting is like having a house for your website. My hosting provides a place for your website to live on the internet for your potential clients to see. Just like a house stores your belongings, website hosting stores your website files and data on a server that is connected to the internet.

Just like houses need to have security features to keep you safe, so does your digital home. These measures may include SSL certificates,  malware scanning, regular backups, and security updates. They help ensure the safety and integrity of your website’s data.

Your website is automatically backed up everyday within the server and it’s backed up outside of the server every month.

Your website will stay accessible until the last day of your paid subscription. After that, it will taken off my server.

If you want a copy of your website files, just reach out to and I’ll send you a copy of your files!