Why I Left Japan

Why I Left Japan

Why I Left Japan

Why I Left Japan

Why I Left Japan

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Exactly three years ago, I left Japan with a heavy heart.

Someone told me he’ll marry me for the Japanese visa, thinking it was the only issue 😂 I still have one year left in my three-year visa, but I still decided to go.


Because I just couldn’t imagine myself staying long term in Japan no matter how good and comfortable my life there was. It’s like being with such a great guy that almost had no flaws, but you just couldn’t see yourself building a future with him.

I love my friends. I’ve met so many kind and cool people, both locals and expats alike.

I lived in an apartment in a perfect location. It was tiny, but I was able to make it my home in Hiroshima. I lived close to the beach, mountains, and rivers and I live right in the middle of the city where I can walk or bike to the main train station.

I had a well-paying job that lets me travel during holidays. I could afford to go home every year. I like the people I worked with. I had good schools with great schedules, funny and smart kids, and kind parents. I became good friends with my Japanese teachers.

why i left japan
With other native English and Japanese teachers in Hiroshima

I was enjoying a side job as a bar staff that let me save money and meet and learn from different people. I couldn’t ask for a nicer boss!

Andy asked me to stay in Japan. That meant I wasn’t going to be single if I stayed haha! A lot of friends also asked me to stay. One even kindly offered me a teaching position in their school.

It didn’t make sense to leave, but in my heart, I knew I had to.

If I didn’t leave then, I think I’d still be living in Japan until now because life there always FELT. LIKE. A. VACATION.

If I didn’t leave though, I wouldn’t have lived in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe—Prague.

Andy wouldn’t have followed me in Prague and realized that teaching was not for him anymore. Now he works full-time in the US doing a job that he likes.

I wouldn’t have met my students in CISM that used to make me laugh everyday and amaze me with how smart they are.

I wouldn’t be home right now in the PH enjoying every day I could with my family and friends.

Leaving Japan meant leaving my comfort zone. As hard as it was, I’m glad I left when I did.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but you’re too scared because it means getting out of your comfort zone?

I say take the risk and do it! Or else you’ll always wonder What if…?

If you want to see how my apartment in Hiroshima looked like, you can watch my video here.

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